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Blogging is one o the best ways to earn money at home. I will recommend you blog-spot for blogging platform as it is free and easy to navigate. Or you can buy domain or hosting from a secure and cheap hosting company and can develop a website or blog. You will get some extra facilities from paid website that is you will get SEO facilities. You can buy domain and hosting from this cheap and secure company. 

First choose a good domain name. There are several things that you need to consider to select a good domain name.

1. Put your blogging keyword in the domain name.
2. Make it short and reader friendly.
3. .Com extension is good for blogging.

So everything is now ready to go. Now select your keyword. There is also some high CPC keyword. You research on keyword. Select a good keyword. Here is a good keyword research tool that you can use for keyword researching. Select the keyword which has large "Global monthly Searches" and also whose CPC (Cost per click) is handsome. 

Write down some articles on your keyword and post it to your blog. Please write your article "SEO friendly". You can check out my post on "how to write a killer seo friendly article" to learn it. Put ad in your blog from ad-serving network as Google ad sense, Clicksor, Chittika, Bidviser etc. If you cannot create an ad-sense account then please read it, i think it will help you to create an ad-sense account in just between two days. 

This ad-serving network pays in two ways those are pay per impression and pay per click. If a visitor clicks on your blog's ad then you will be paid by the ad-serving network. You can earn upto 10$ per day only from pay per impression if your visitor is really good. I recommend this article to earn 10$ daily.

To be successes in "blogging" i recommend you to use high CPC keyword. Write killer article on keyword. Make sure your articles are qualitative because Google PANDA and PENGUIN emphasis on quality not on quantity. Google ranked the website based upon it's importance. Google is very clever. Google changes their algorithm every day. 

Beside article posting you can do some "SEO" for your blog. But do it manually because if your content is good then your blog is worthy to Google. As early as you can rank up your blog or website in Google on a specific keyword because then you will get huge amount of visitor from Google.

Now a special tips to earn from ad-sense:

Suppose your blog is in Google page rank on a specific keyword supposes "insurance”. So here we go, post a job here. Job description is below - 

"Go to and search the word 'insurance' and scroll down the page and click on the website that has above last three website. Wait a minute and click on the ad and stay for a minute. Provide me the url of the website and the website after clicking as prove."

One thing that i forgot to mention that 'insurance' keyword's CPC is 10$. So if 10 people click on the ad then you will earn 100$. Is that not cool!!!!!!!!!!

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