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It was surveyed that twitter is one of the best social networks from where most of the sell comes so affiliate marketers, internet marketers are using twitter for increasing their sell with twitter and they are busy to increase twitter followers of their twitter account. Most of the people don’t want to waste time for manually increasing twitter followers so they   want to buy twitter followers or using software for their purpose.  But the best tool for twitter is tweet adder and it is not working well now so there is not any other way except buying followers. But you should have to follow some special tips when you are ready to buy twitter followers.  Below are the tips ---

1.       When you are ready to but from a company please ask them how will they make followers for you?

twitter followers

2.       Don’t upfront them, tell them that they will get money after you check all the followers.

3.       For the first time ask for 1k (1000) followers and check minimum 100 follower to be sure those are real people. Don’t tell them that you want more if they give you 1k active real user.

4.       Don’t accept followers who have tweets about 15 days ago.  I have discussed to find real people in another post, please read it.

5.       Don’t buy twitter bot, it is useless, fake people.

6.       Buy followers who have real profile picture and status updated in last 48 hours.  

7.       Buy your target real audience.

8.       Check out the review about the company from Google search.  It is really helpful, don’t waste your money.

9.       Don’t buy youlikehits, twiends, and linkcolidor bots.

I don’t recommend you to buy twitter followers, it will be good if you hire a freelancer and tell him/her to increase twitter followers manually and give him instructions then he will give you the best services for you. 

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