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The ranking of a website or blog is not only on page optimization. There is certainly a process to get top rank of a blog.  If you follow the process within short time you will get top rank of your blog.

1.     Your blog needs quality content that a reader finds it helpful for him and he will be interested to share it. Virality is the most valuable factor for ranking a website/blog because when your content is shared by many people then search engine considers the content as the best among the other related contents.

2.     On page optimization is another important factor in this field. If you see the Google’s ranking factors you will see that on page optimization influences 16% the ranking of a blog. Read this blog post for good on page optimization…

3.     A great article is a great thing for marketing.  If you market a great article then you will get thousands of links from your article. So a great article is very powerful for increasing page rank and also for increasing website traffic. You can read this article….

4.     Anchor text is also very important for top ranking factors. Google checks how many external links are there in the web with the page or blog which you want to rank.

5.     Place your keywords in the head of the article (Among 1 to 80 words) because search engine checks keywords from the beginning of the article and it will be good if you place it in the introduction section and write the introduction well so that search engine can also know the content of the article.

To see an example please check out my below article, I have colored the keywords on that article.

6.     Some people think that placing keywords in every section of an article is good for search engine ranking but there is not yet any suggestion for this from Google.  

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