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How to write killer article in six steps

Killer article is that article which drives traffic to your web site. So if you can write a killer article it will increase your sell as well. So a 500 words article is a worth of thousand dollars. Below there are some tips of writing a good article. We will write it following some steps.

Step1:  Key Word Research: First research your key word. You have to keep in mind about search engine because when a man searches for a key word it shows him key word related web site. As you need more traffic so search a most searchable key word? You can easily research key word using Google key word researching tools. It is absolutely free. So now you have got your key word. Now we will go to the next step.

Step 2:  Choosing a Title:  Give a title of the article. Here we will also use the SEO trick. We must use the key word in the title and must select a unique title. Here some questions may come. Long tail title or short title which will be beneficial for me? Wait, I am giving you the solution.  Open your browser and go to Google. I am telling you to use Google for searching because most of the people use it for searching. It is the biggest search engine. I have talked so much now come back to our work.  Select three or more title for your article. Now copy one of the titles and paste it in your search bar. Look at the result. Let’s see an example. Suppose, I have selected two titles for an article now I will select the right one for my article.

a.       Internet Marketing & SEO Tips For Business.  (About 26,400,000 results )
b.      Internet Marketing.  (About 275,000,000 results )
So we will use the first title. I think you have understood to see the result.  So we will use long tail key word to bring targeted people. 

Step 3: Body:  Now start writing your article. Select a topic and under the topic select some sub-topic. This is the body of your article. As an example, I have selected a topic “Dog” then its sub topic maybe its food, nature, character, category of dogs, its disease, medicine, why people love it etc. I mention it as for an example. Every time you select a topic or sub topic then you must research key word. I am remembering it again. Your purpose is to drive traffic. So always keep in mind about SEO. You will always try to use more searched words in your article. You can search some words and download it and then open it beside your word document. It will help to input those words correctly in article. Don’t write a long article because people don’t want to read a long one. Try to keep it short. One hundred and fifty words for a paragraph are better.

Step 4: Information:  Always use correct information in your wrings and when you are writing then keep in mind that you are helping people. If people get it helpful they will read the entire article and will stay on your page. Don’t hesitate to write your experience. Readers can understand if you write negatively. Keep in mind you are the teacher and they are the student. First time when I started writing then I wrote hesitantly. So my writings went bad. But now I am a good writer. I input my experience and also correct information in my article. Study is best way to write a good article. I am giving a good suggestion, when you need to input any information go to Wikipedia and take information from there. You will get the correct information from there. Write down the article formerly. So now we can move the next step.

Step 5: Using key word: Use key word two or three times in a hundred word article. Don’t use key word more because Google will complain about your article.  In an Ad sense friendly you have to use key word three times. Also use internal link three times in your writings. Mind it, I am telling about Killer article”.
Step 6: Conclusion: Now end the article with a good conclusion. Summarize the article and use contact information or web site address into your conclusion. Conclude the article in such a way so that reader feels interest to read the other article. I think if you follow these steps correctly then you can easily write a “Killer article”.


  1. amazing article! thanks for sharing :)

  2. A wonderful tips for killer article writer.

  3. Mr Goutam, You are good blogger no doubt. Please wipe away the video you have been using in this page probably for visitors. It may kill your image before writing a killer article.

  4. Mr. Rafikul Islam, So many thanks for your suggestion. I was using that .gif image for auto back linking and every day there are lots of useless visitor are coming from the link and those visitors are increasing bounce rate. Mr. Rafikul, are you a blogger?

  5. Yes, I am a blogger and also a learner. My blog name is I will be happy if you please take a look and suggest me to improve and get visitor over there.


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