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   Solve a problem or Need: I’m a big believer in developing blogs that fulfill real needs solve problems that people have. The problem need not be a big one (like world peace) but you should be attempting to create a solution people need on some level.

    Define your audience: Who is blog for? Who are you attempting to attract? If your blog is targeting a certain demographic or type of person, include this in your pitch. If your blog is for teens, don’t develop a pitch for grandparents  - target the reader you want.

    Be clear: Don’t leave people second guessing what you mean or interpreting jargon – make your elevator pitch crystal clear.

    Keep it short: People have limited attention spans and the capacity to absorb lots of information. Get to the point, eliminate unnecessary words and make it punchy !

      Stand out – Use humor or powerful imagery to grab the attention of those that hear your elevator pitch.

    Be intriguing: Your elevator pitch is unlikely to convert people into reading your blog all on its own – but it should entice them to learn more. You don’t need to cover everything in it, but attempt to write something that stays in the minds of those who hear it long afterwards.

    Be energetic but not hyped: You provide more than just dry information when describing your blog, but you also convey what you feel about it. This is important if you pitch to a person with language and a voice that is dry and uninspired, you are unlikely to convert anyone into a reader. Show people that you love what you are doing that you are passionate, and that you care about your topic. But don’t go too far and hype it up beyond what it is either.

    Consider using a question: People are wired to answer dand engage with questions. Ask them, even just rhetorical ones, in your pitch and you’ll hook people in.

   Be ready to expand uporn your pitch: At a recent conference I had a person approach and give me what seemed like an elevator pitch about their blog. It worked really well, they had me interested – so interested that I asked them to tell me more. The problem was that they lacked anything else to say about their blog. See an elevator pitch as a conversation opener, designed to lead into further interaction with people. You don’t have to say it all in your initial pitch, but you should be ready to say more if people are interested. 


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